Drum roll please……….

Thank you to all that left comments and shared our page. It was fun reading them and seeing how you spent your day with dad. Some comments made me laugh, some made me cry and some made me think about all the special men that have made an impact on my life. Yes, Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dad, but I also think of it as a day to celebrate and tell the men that have positively influenced your life how much you appreciate and care for them. So here’s to you….. dad, stepdad, grandpa, grandaddy, uncle, brother, pastor or mentor…whatever you’re called by the people who love you most, I hope you felt loved on your special day!

Here are the 10 winners that were chosen in the most scientific, non bias and up to date technological way………….

winners 005drawing names from a hat!

Our “Comment” winners are:

1.) Mandy Griffin

2.) Jenny Loughridge

3.) Scott Sanders

4.) Nancy Graves

5.) Tammy Wetmore

Our “Facebook” winners are:

1.) Kristy Ingalls

2.)April Damato

3.) Traci Stricklin

4.) Sarah McCray

5.) Aimee Tucker Jinright

I’m also throwing in one honorary winner: Erin Braxton

Erin, cares for a 74 year old Veteran whose family lives away. Her story touched me so I’m sending her and her fella loot too!

Thank you to all that played! Check back with me soon for more fun giveaways!

Winners please private message me on Facebook with your mailing address or you can leave a private message here on the blog in the “contact us” section. Please send your information before Friday.




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