Game Time!

I love games and I love to win. Another cool fact about me is that I love to GIVE! Today I’m giving away Sweet P loot and it’s FREE!………..FREE!………..FREE!

sweet p loot

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Shirts, hats and other random things from Sweet P’s could be yours!

Here’s how we’ll play the game. There’s 2 ways to win!

1.)Leave a comment below on what you did for Father’s Day and I’ll TREAT you! Just say….We grilled out, played at the lake or I took dad on an all expense paid tropical vacation……if that’s the case…..I want to be your daddy!  Whatever you did, just tell me about it, I want to know. I need some great ideas for next year!

I’m going to randomly select 5 winners from the comments on this page.

2.) Share me with your friends on Facebook and I’ll SHARE with you!

I’ll randomly select 5 winners who share this post on Facebook.

*** Winners will receive 1 or more items from the old Sweet P market. You will not be able to select size, color or quantity. It will be like Christmas except Aunt Myrtle knows your shirt size and favortie color but I don’t! There are no exchanges, returns or complaints! You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit!

Hey guys it’s FREE!!

Check back here tomorrow for the winners and the information on how you’ll receive your goodies!

Cheers to FREE and old Sweet P,







31 thoughts on “Game Time!

  1. We fed up all the animals so Chris could sleep in! He got new boots and a new outdoor gas cooker, and he got to spend the day with us!!

  2. My Dad Has Passed, So My Wife And Son Treated Me To A BreaKfast Of My Choice, Gave Me Some Great Gifts And Let Me Take A Long Nap. I Couldn’t Have Asked For More.

  3. We recently moved to Savannah, Ga and couldn’t celebrate Father’s Day with our fathers. However, my daughter and I celebrated with my husband by having a pancake breakfast, exploring Savannah, and eating local BBQ. We loved Sweet P’s and will miss it so much!

  4. I did not get to spend fathers day with my own father but i had the pleasure of making it wonderful for a 74 year old vet i care for, we grilled and got a number one dad cake and ice cream all for him, he loves ice cream, his kids all live far away but he is a blessing and sweet man and treats me like i was one of his kid, and he deserved a wonderful day full of love and family even if we aren’t blood family we have to cherish these moments in time and smile and make the day shine

  5. We spent the day at home and grilled out. My daughter, who is a first time cheerleader, gave her dad a t-shirt that says”C.F.O. – Cheerleader Funding Officer, AKA Dad!”

  6. We didn’t get to spend Father’s day with my dad, as he and my mom went out of town. But for my husband and the daddy of my two daughters, we went to church, then headed out for Chinese and went to Museum to see the art and fed the ducks. =)

  7. We went to dinner Saturday night with youngest daughter and older 2 called on Sunday to wish Pop a Happy Father’s Day. I cooked steaks and blueberry plum cobbler.

  8. We got to Skype my two kids father on Father’s day, as he is in Afghanstan! We sent him the best care package/fathers day gift, decorated with super hero’s. He actually go to open where the kids could enjoy it with him!!

  9. We actually spent Saturday together instead and began with breakfast out. Then we walked the homestead acreage (small) and talked about when Poppy kept cows in the now overgrown pasture. It was just us and it was just talk and it was the best time ever.

  10. We went to the in laws so my two years old daughter could spend Father’s Day with her “Pot”…(Pa just doesn’t work in her vocabulary). They swam and had a grand time. Her daddy received a gift of Oreos, pnut M&Ms, and Snickers that he doesn’t have to share :).

  11. We spent Father’s Day morning Facetiming on the Ipad with our only child, her husband and their new twin boys (my profile picture) born in December. We were able to watch the twins laugh and showoff their latest skills. :)

  12. We cooked hamburgers on our new grill! ( I’m pretty sure you recognize the guy in the cowboy hat!)

  13. My daughter and I spent the day with my Father (her PawPaw) fishing and riding the golf cart! As for spending the day with my husband, we celebrated Fathers Day on Friday with his family because he is a FireFighter and had to work on Fathers day!

  14. I spent Father’s Day with my husband (his first Father’s Day) and our six month old daughter. We had a great day grilling out with family!

  15. My husband, the kids and I went to church! My daughter, she is 12, made him a movie! She came up with the idea and created it all by herself! She used pictures, videos and their song! She did this because we didn’t have money to buy him anything because he got laid off 8 months ago. He loved it and said it was his best present ever! Things that come from the heart are so much more special than anything you can buy!

  16. My husband, the kids and I went to church! My daughter, she is 12, made him a movie! She came up with the idea and created it all by herself! She used pictures, videos and their song! She knew we couldn’t buy him anything since my husband was laid off from work 8 months ago. He said it was his best present ever. Home made presents are always better than something you can buy!

  17. Our plans kept changing by the minute, but we eventually settled in at the pool with a side of grilled hamburgers in the afternoon!

  18. My husband had a special Father’s Day! It was his first!! He and I enjoyed a date night out on Saturday while the grandparents kept our new twin girls. Sunday morning we came home early and loaded the girls up for a day at the farm…daddy’s favorite place. We girls sat on blankets under the trees and watched him ride on the tractor. He was in heaven and so were we!

  19. We took my father-in-law to Apalachicola, FL so he could eat oysters-which he loves-at his favorite place!

  20. I spent the day swimming and grilling out with my husband, father, grandfather, brother, children, and sisters. We surprised my dad by my sister who lives out of state showing up. He had no clue!

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