Oh where, oh where has our Sweet P gone?

When we closed the restaurant, the burning question in everyone’s mind was …..where’s Sweet P, the pink cow?

sweet p kisses


We all know how she relished in her duties at the restaurant.


sweet p friends 1


She loved greeting people who had traveled from all over the country.





And she always made tons of  new girl friends.



Sweet P was some what bummed about her name sake restaurant closing. She even went into a mild depression.  To snap out of it , she handled it like most girls would….

She got a brand new look.

sweetp and pasture 6414 099

She washed that pink right out of her hair and went totally punk blonde. Picture Miley Cyruss plus a thousand pounds; give or take. Thank goodness I haven’t seen her twerk yet. That would be awkward.

She’s been turned out to pasture for the last five month’s and is still living the sweet life!


sweet p hunk 1


She’s traded this hunk in for..



sweetp and pasture 6414 167

……..this one!

sweetp and pasture 6414 009

She definitely has a room with a view

sweetp and pasture 6414 083

and the pool is always open.

sweetp and pasture 6414 154

She’s even made a new friend; meet Geraldine. Sweet P says Geraldine is a sweet girl with lots of things on her mind. Sugar junkie. Easy to get a long with and stands up for her friends. She aspires to be on the cover of next years Chick-fil-A Calendar. Sweet P is rooting for her!

sweetp and pasture 6414 108

As you can see, Sweet P is living it up.

sweetp and pasture 6414 141

But just between you and me, I think she’s gaining a little weight. Do you think she might be……………




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