Country Peach Sun Tea

We finally made it home from our Wild West Adventure and although this was one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever taken….it sure is nice to be home in the comfort of my own bed.

11 days. 10 hotels. 10 states. 4300 miles traveled. Need I say more?

One of the things we missed while we were gone was sweet tea. Some places offered it but after we crossed the Mason Dixon Line it was pretty much obsolete. So I took the opportunity yesterday while the sun was bright and the temperature was hot to brew a jug of sun tea.

This is my version of Country “Peach” Sun Tea.

Here’s what you’ll need:

sun t, spribkles, peach cobbler 254

4 Large Tea Bags

2 Celestial Country Peach Passion Tea Bags

1 Peach

1- 2 Ice Tray’s

1-2 cups Sugar

A large gallon jar. (You can use a clean gallon pickle jar or a Sun Tea jar with a spout. Just make sure it’s a glass jar with a lid. Click HERE to see information on mine.)


3-4 hours of Sunshine


sun t, spribkles, peach cobbler 087

I started by slicing fresh peaches and placed them in an ice tray. I covered the peaches with water and placed them in the freezer while I worked on the tea.

sun t, spribkles, peach cobbler 008

I filled my glass jar with water, added the tea bags, closed the lid and sat it in the sun.

The tiny little hand in the picture belongs to the tiny little girl who was almost as excited as me about indulging into a big ole’ glass of sweet peach tea!

sun t, spribkles, peach cobbler 024

Here’s a picture of the tea after only 2 hours of brewing.

sun t, spribkles, peach cobbler 190

And this one is after 4 hours of brewing.  At this point I poured in 2 cups of sugar and gave it a hefty stir.

I found the largest glass, topped it off with the peach ice cubes……

sun t, spribkles, peach cobbler 224

And called it a day!

Until I had to wash 11 days of dirty clothes, fold and put away said clothes, water the garden, pick up Daisy from the vet, pick up Tuck from my dad’s house, check on all the barn cats to make sure they survived, go to the grocery store to restock the cabinets and refrigerator, and cook supper for my hungry brood……….I think it’s time for a vacation!

*(Store your sun tea in the refrigerator immediately. It only stays fresh tasting for about 24 hours. But then again, mine never lasts that long!)










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