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Summer is quickly coming to a close for us and I’m already feeling the end of summer blues.  When most people look forward to shuffling their children back to school and into their normal weekly routine, I dread it.

To pick up my spirit’s, I’ve decided to share more Sweet P’s loot. That’s right, I’m selecting ten winners and giving away t-shirts, hats and more. Here’s how to play!

1.) Leave a comment on here or on my facebook page telling me what your favorite part of summer was.  Did you enjoy spending lazy days around the house, going to your favorite beach spot or sending the kid’s off to camp; so you and the hubby could eat a meal together while enjoying adult conversation?  Maybe, you finally finished the book you started reading last summer or had a chance to organize the closet you’ve been putting off since Christmas.  Whatever made your summer a success, I want to hear about it.

2.) The second way to win is to “share” a recipe from my Facebook page. Just pick one of my recipe’s that I’ve posted – Share it on your page – Comment on my page that you shared it and bam you’re in for a chance to win.

3.) If you complete 1 and 2  that doubles your chances! That’s right, leave a comment about your summer and share one of my recipes on your page and your name goes in the hat twice. Doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

sweet p's shirts

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Remember……the prizes are chosen by me.  You don’t get to pick size, color or quantity.  Hey, it’s FREE and the whole anticipation thing of not knowing what’s going to show up in the mail is just awesome. Just ask the last ten winners!

O.K., let’s get this party started y’all! XOXO



59 thoughts on “More to Share

  1. I have been reading a ton this summer. I love reading and don’t always have time for it during the busy school year.

    • Same here! Do you have any good book recommendations? I just finished reading Nicholas Sparks, “The Longest Ride”. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a good one. Well, I think everything Nicholas Sparks writes is good so take my opinion on the book like a grain of salt!! Glad you’ve been enjoying your summer and thanks for sharing it!

  2. I have been sitting on the porch each morning, eating breakfast and reading. Being a teacher, I do not get time during the school year to read. I love the summer time to get caught up on my books.

    • Got any good book recommendations. I just got finished reading Nicholas Sparks, “The Longest Ride”. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s great!

  3. My favorite part of summer was spending time watching my 3 year old little girl grow. As a teacher, having summers off took on a whole new meaning when I became a mom. My little girl reached some big milestones this summer. Moved to a big girl bed from a toddler bed, finally gave up her beloved binky, & moved to a big girl car seat. Sniff sniff ….
    I’m so glad to have been home with her through these changes. Going to be sad when school starts. :-(

    • I’m so glad you got to spend some extra time with that sweet baby girl!! Congrats on her reaching big milestones too! I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

    • Me too!! Everytime we leave for a day or two, when we get home, it seems like something else is blooming! Thanks for sharing your favorite part of summer!

    • AMEN to NO HOMEWORK! Hands down, the best part of summer!!! Let’s enjoy the last few days we have to enjoy that fact. School is approaching too quickly!

  4. Just got back from my annual Girl’s beach trip… 26th year! Always look forward to it! Great friends, good times and good food!!

  5. This summer has not been the best for me. My sweet Daddy that was in the Nursing Home died 7-13-2014 so I am really for fall, but I will be taking a family trip to the beach in September when it is cooler so that we can take Mom with us and get her out alittle.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your father. I know that’s a hard time to go through! I hope your trip in September will give you and your mom something to look forward to. Warmest Regards, Kadra

  6. So hard to choose one favorite thing. I guess if I have to choose one it would be the 4th of July week our whole family went to the beach. I’m sharing your peach cobbler can’t wait to try it myself.

    • Thanks for sharing the peach cobbler recipe and for sharing your favorite part of summer!! Any day at the beach is a good day but any day you get to spend it there with family is BETTER!!

  7. My favorite thing about this summer was being able to spend more time with my 3 year-old niece, especially on our Disney trip.

  8. Summer of firsts for us….oldest child’s first surgery (wisdom teeth), she also turned 15 this week, so learning to drive! This summer has reminded me how important the job of mom is. I’ve loved every minute of it.

    • I loved when you said…..”This summer has reminded me how important the job of mom is.” I’m so glad you enjoyed time with your children. Even with older children…..they will always need mom!

  9. My favorite parts about summer are lazy mornings for the kiddos and being able to watch my girl spend hours and hours at the barn working and “playing” with her show cattle :)

    • Sounds like you had a very productive summer! Want to come to my house next? haha Organizing is something I have to deliberately work on….it’s not a natural talent for me. But it sure does make me feel good when everything is back in its place.

  10. I have enjoyed VBS and camps for my kids this summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, but there is something about getting some time alone with your spouse. And to boot, while doing that, knowing your kids are having an awesome experience at the same time. We love summer!

  11. I’ve spent my summer moving and shaking! It’s been a blast though! I moved to Pike Road, started a job and helped my life long best friend finish planning her wedding! We’ve had bridal showers, bachelorette beach weekends and all the fun in that fits in between! Looking forward to finally celebrating the wedding on August 2nd! Wow, can’t believe summer is almost over!! Hope yours has been great :)

    • Wow, sounds like your summer has been a lot of fun! Well wishes to your friend! I hope you’re enjoying the Pike Road area and your new job. Thanks for sharing you favorite part of summer.

    • Kadie,
      I’m not sure if you saw, but you were one of the ten winners chosen for the giveaway last week. Prizes are being mailed out today. Please private message me on here or on FB with your shipping information so that I can send your goodies out today. Again, thanks for reading “Tales from a Cowgirls Kitchen.”

  12. My favorite thing about summer is having my children home from college and school. I love cooking their favorite treats for them and spending girl time with them. I shared the chicken salad recipe!

    • Thanks for sharing your favorite part of summer with me! I’m sure your girls enjoyed the time they spent with you just as much as you enjoyed them!!!

  13. I previously shared your yummy chicken salad recipe. My favorite surprise this summer was a first time trip to Biltmore! The other favorite thing is time with the grands. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Thanks for sharing the chicken salad recipe. My mother-in-law brought me back the Biltmore Cookbook after her visit there years ago. It’s still one of my most favorites! I hope you enjoyed your trip and I hope you have plans to spend more time with the grands before school kicks back off! Thanks for sharing your favorite part of summer with me. Take care.

  14. Best part of summer is seeing the rewards of hard work in the rose garden. Beautiful bouquets of roses make me smile.

    • I’m sure they’re all beautiful! A friend of mine just moved and she has the most beautiful rose bush at her new front door! I didn’t want to leave her doorway because the perfume from the roses were so intoxicating! Reminds me of the sweet smell of my grandmother! Enjoy them while they’re blooming!

  15. My favorite part of summer was being able to be at home with my 4yr old and 8 month old….we have gone and done whatever just to make memories!!!!

    • Renee, squeeze those sweet babies for me! I hope you enjoy the last few days of summer!School is approaching way too fast!!

  16. My favorite part of summer is being off on Friday’s. Every Summer we close the office on Friday just so we can have a little extra time to do whatever.

  17. I’ve been cooking up our newest addition so it has been nice to have an excuse to have a lazy summer, watching movies with my boys!

    • That sounds like a great summer! Well wishes to you and your family on a new bundle of joy! Will you be decorating with something PINK this time?

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