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I got up this morning excited to see who would be chosen to receive the free Sweet P’s loot from yesterday’s giveaway.  I sat down and quickly started to scroll through the comments on the blog and Facebook page.  It became immediately evident to me that the underlying message that everyone wrote was that summer is a time to enjoy with family; a respite in regards to the hustle of a long school year. If you don’t have children in your life right now, summer break is still an opportunity for you to enjoy while the world slows down a bit. It seems to me that the hottest part of the year is when we take the time to rejuvenate and make the most memories. I think God intended it that way. Isn’t his wisdom and timing perfect!

Summer allows us to venture out together while spending time with our families during reunions, vacations and lazy afternoons on the porch.  They’re the days our children will one day reminisce about and the days that will always be etched in our minds with fond memories.  Thank you for sharing the stories that made your summer unique and special to you. I always love reading a good tale!

Here’s the nitty gritty on the ten winner’s! Today I’m sharing their stories.

  1. Gibson Graham – “Spending time with grandchildren while school is out!!!”
  2. Forrest Julie Albritton – “Spending copious amount of time with family at the beach and in south Florida…don’t want it to end”
  3. Renee Dickerson – “Being able to be at home with my 4 year old and 8 month old….we have gone and done whatever just to make memories!!!”
  4. Sissy Skipper – “Working in the garden with my husband.”
  5. Lois Keel – “Having my granddaughters with me all day long 2 days of the week. I see so little of them during the school year and the weekends. 12 and 14 years old now, oh gosh how did it happen so fast?”
  6. Pamela Jacobs – “Having my children home from college and school. I love cooking their favorite treats and spending girl time with them!”
  7.  Dana Perry – “Getting to spend the whole summer together as a family of three. My son is in 4th grade, and my husband and I both teach. Heavenly summers!”
  8. Diane-Jack Jordan – “Spending more fun time with God’s gift to older people, our grandchildren! They love things that our kids use to enjoy like swimming in the pond, fishing, hunting, frog hunting, football, baseball and the woods and water anywhere!!!!”
  9. Kayleigh Hornsby – “This summer we moved from Montgomery, AL to Savannah, Ga! We’ve been exploring the city and local beaches!”
  10. Kadie – “I’ve spent my summer moving and shaking! It’s been a blast though!  I moved to Pike Road, started a job and helped my life long best friend finish planning her wedding!  We’ve had bridal showers, bachelorette beach weekends and all the fun that fits in between! Looking forward to finally celebrating the wedding on August 2nd! Wow, can’t believe summer is almost over!!”

Do you see what I’m talking about now? Summer was created for us to spend extra time with the ones we love while making memories that will last a lifetime!

If your name wasn’t pulled from the hat this time, don’t fret! I like to give, so keep checking back here on “Tales from a Cowgirls Kitchen” for more fun giveaways. Better yet, subscribe to the blog and don’t miss anything! Not only do I share through giveaways from time to time, I also share my recipes that were once used in my restaurant, Sweet P’s Eats and Treats, as well as tips I use everyday in my own kitchen. We have fun here; you don’t want to miss out!

As for the ten lucky winners, please private message me here on the blog or Facebook with your mailing information by Monday, July 28th, to receive your prizes.





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