Sweet Valentine

We’ve been preparing for Valentine’s Day around here. My little ones enjoy the festivities of Valentines because you know it’s all about the candy love, and candy sweetness shared with friends and family on that day, but mostly about the candy.

Yesterday, we celebrated the day of candy LOVE with their friends at school.  The children decorated shoe boxes in hopes that they would be filled to the brim with candy cards of sweet sentiments.  After ravaging opening each candy card with care it was apparent that they felt the sugar rush love and kindness they were expecting. It was also apparent that the day of candy LOVE brings out the worst sugar induced disposition best in every child’s heart. It pretty much makes me tired  warms my heart reflecting on the day

This year my little ones wanted to include our longhorn named Valentine on their cards.  Here are a few pictures I took while trying to catch the perfect pose.


Isn’t she grand?


She insisted this was her good side!


Her man made his presence known. You can tell her type; muscular, blonde with a little bit of curl. He’s a manly man but…….


he likes a woman that wears the horns in the family!


See what I mean, she insisted he keep his distance and get supper started.


She gave me the pageant pose…..

IMG_8015 and the selfie pose.


But this is her signature pose……the itch.


Of course there was the occasional photo bomb. There’s always some heifer trying to steal her spotlight!


Out of all the fun we had taking pictures we finally decided that this one was our favorite…….


no, this one……….


well, maybe this one was too………..

IMG_8992and this one!

Clearly we have a problem making decisions or maybe we were just moooo-ved by her splendor and couldn’t decide! Either way we want to wish you and yours a happy Valentine’s Day and we hope it’s filled with all the candy LOVE your little heart desires!




Winners for the Giveaway

I got up this morning excited to see who would be chosen to receive the free Sweet P’s loot from yesterday’s giveaway.  I sat down and quickly started to scroll through the comments on the blog and Facebook page.  It became immediately evident to me that the underlying message that everyone wrote was that summer is a time to enjoy with family; a respite in regards to the hustle of a long school year. If you don’t have children in your life right now, summer break is still an opportunity for you to enjoy while the world slows down a bit. It seems to me that the hottest part of the year is when we take the time to rejuvenate and make the most memories. I think God intended it that way. Isn’t his wisdom and timing perfect!

Summer allows us to venture out together while spending time with our families during reunions, vacations and lazy afternoons on the porch.  They’re the days our children will one day reminisce about and the days that will always be etched in our minds with fond memories.  Thank you for sharing the stories that made your summer unique and special to you. I always love reading a good tale!

Here’s the nitty gritty on the ten winner’s! Today I’m sharing their stories.

  1. Gibson Graham – “Spending time with grandchildren while school is out!!!”
  2. Forrest Julie Albritton – “Spending copious amount of time with family at the beach and in south Florida…don’t want it to end”
  3. Renee Dickerson – “Being able to be at home with my 4 year old and 8 month old….we have gone and done whatever just to make memories!!!”
  4. Sissy Skipper – “Working in the garden with my husband.”
  5. Lois Keel – “Having my granddaughters with me all day long 2 days of the week. I see so little of them during the school year and the weekends. 12 and 14 years old now, oh gosh how did it happen so fast?”
  6. Pamela Jacobs – “Having my children home from college and school. I love cooking their favorite treats and spending girl time with them!”
  7.  Dana Perry – “Getting to spend the whole summer together as a family of three. My son is in 4th grade, and my husband and I both teach. Heavenly summers!”
  8. Diane-Jack Jordan – “Spending more fun time with God’s gift to older people, our grandchildren! They love things that our kids use to enjoy like swimming in the pond, fishing, hunting, frog hunting, football, baseball and the woods and water anywhere!!!!”
  9. Kayleigh Hornsby – “This summer we moved from Montgomery, AL to Savannah, Ga! We’ve been exploring the city and local beaches!”
  10. Kadie – “I’ve spent my summer moving and shaking! It’s been a blast though!  I moved to Pike Road, started a job and helped my life long best friend finish planning her wedding!  We’ve had bridal showers, bachelorette beach weekends and all the fun that fits in between! Looking forward to finally celebrating the wedding on August 2nd! Wow, can’t believe summer is almost over!!”

Do you see what I’m talking about now? Summer was created for us to spend extra time with the ones we love while making memories that will last a lifetime!

If your name wasn’t pulled from the hat this time, don’t fret! I like to give, so keep checking back here on “Tales from a Cowgirls Kitchen” for more fun giveaways. Better yet, subscribe to the blog and don’t miss anything! Not only do I share through giveaways from time to time, I also share my recipes that were once used in my restaurant, Sweet P’s Eats and Treats, as well as tips I use everyday in my own kitchen. We have fun here; you don’t want to miss out!

As for the ten lucky winners, please private message me here on the blog or Facebook with your mailing information by Monday, July 28th, to receive your prizes.





More to Share

Summer is quickly coming to a close for us and I’m already feeling the end of summer blues.  When most people look forward to shuffling their children back to school and into their normal weekly routine, I dread it.

To pick up my spirit’s, I’ve decided to share more Sweet P’s loot. That’s right, I’m selecting ten winners and giving away t-shirts, hats and more. Here’s how to play!

1.) Leave a comment on here or on my facebook page telling me what your favorite part of summer was.  Did you enjoy spending lazy days around the house, going to your favorite beach spot or sending the kid’s off to camp; so you and the hubby could eat a meal together while enjoying adult conversation?  Maybe, you finally finished the book you started reading last summer or had a chance to organize the closet you’ve been putting off since Christmas.  Whatever made your summer a success, I want to hear about it.

2.) The second way to win is to “share” a recipe from my Facebook page. Just pick one of my recipe’s that I’ve posted – Share it on your page – Comment on my page that you shared it and bam you’re in for a chance to win.

3.) If you complete 1 and 2  that doubles your chances! That’s right, leave a comment about your summer and share one of my recipes on your page and your name goes in the hat twice. Doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

sweet p's shirts

Photo Credit: Big Dreamz Creative

Remember……the prizes are chosen by me.  You don’t get to pick size, color or quantity.  Hey, it’s FREE and the whole anticipation thing of not knowing what’s going to show up in the mail is just awesome. Just ask the last ten winners!

O.K., let’s get this party started y’all! XOXO



A Wild West Adventure

My family and I have been on a road trip traveling out West for the last ten days. I was going to wait until we got home to share some of our adventures with y’all but this part of the country is too beautiful, I can’t wait anymore. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve been up to for the last three thousand miles.

The Parkmans Go West 2014 002

We made a quick stop in Monroe, Louisiana to see our favorite uncle. Unfortunately, Si wasn’t there so we grabbed a big cup of sweet tea and kept on traveling because we were all anxious to spend some time with our friends in Ft. Worth, Texas.

We spent the next few days on the road until we breezed through Arizona to see…

The Parkmans Go West 2014 067

the Petrified Forest.

The Parkmans Go West 2014 115

Just look at how beautiful the wood is.

The next day we made it to our main point of destination…..

Grand Canyon 63014 130

the Grand Canyon! It was my first time, as well for our children, to see the canyon and it exceeded all of our expectations.

Grand Canyon 63014 172Can you tell we were excited?

zion,arch,durango 024

Our next stop was Zion National Park near Springdale, Utah.

zion ntl park 7114 111

We hiked through the canyon and made our way through an area called “The Narrows”.

zion ntl park 7114 142

Then we played in this beauty for an evening. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day! Utah holds so much natural beauty. You don’t have to look far or hard to see it either!

zion,arch,durango 044

During our final morning in the park our baby girl was itching to climb a mountain. Here’s a picture of the highlight of her day……

zion,arch,durango 065

until we saw these critters! Then we made a quick exit down.

zion,arch,durango 159

We traveled to the east side of Utah near the Colorado boarder and enjoyed a climate we’re not use to during our summers in the South.

zion,arch,durango 285

That evening we explored the Arches near Moab, Utah. While in Moab we had the opportunity to learn about their community and how the small town hit the map in the early 1950’s when a man named Charlie Steen discovered Uranium in the rugged mountains of Moab.


The next day we made our way over to Durango, Colorado and got there just in time to catch the last raft down the Animas River. You can’t tell by this picture but our little girl (the runt) was with us too. She would hollar….more, more….yeeehaw! She loved every second of it!

july 4th 2014 pagosa springs,co 039

The entire trip has just fallen into place. We never pre-booked a room or made reservations for events and activities. Our main objective in our journey was to show our children a slice of America with all of it’s beauty and we didn’t want to be hindered by a schedule. I will admit I was a little concerned about traveling on the 4th of July and not celebrating the day with family at home. But the day didn’t fail to amaze me, much like the rest of our adventures!

We happened upon a small town 4th of July parade in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  The little guy pictured above was one of my favorites in the parade.

july 4th 2014 pagosa springs,co 047

As well as these fellas. Check out their choice of foot wear. You just can’t go wrong with black patent leather flats.

Our independance day was filled with excitement. It was a perfect way to celebrate the spirit of America….our home!

We’re now traveling back to Alabama and we’re still excited about where our journey will take us. I’m kind of hoping for the comfort of my own bed by Monday. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Until we meet again,









Happy 1 month Birthday Tuck!

lake, Tuck,key lime pie 181

lake, Tuck,key lime pie 215

Daisy sang “Happy Birthday” sweetly in his ear…. then she asked if she could have a swig out of his milk bottle, to go with the cake of course!



Drum roll please……….

Thank you to all that left comments and shared our page. It was fun reading them and seeing how you spent your day with dad. Some comments made me laugh, some made me cry and some made me think about all the special men that have made an impact on my life. Yes, Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dad, but I also think of it as a day to celebrate and tell the men that have positively influenced your life how much you appreciate and care for them. So here’s to you….. dad, stepdad, grandpa, grandaddy, uncle, brother, pastor or mentor…whatever you’re called by the people who love you most, I hope you felt loved on your special day!

Here are the 10 winners that were chosen in the most scientific, non bias and up to date technological way………….

winners 005drawing names from a hat!

Our “Comment” winners are:

1.) Mandy Griffin

2.) Jenny Loughridge

3.) Scott Sanders

4.) Nancy Graves

5.) Tammy Wetmore

Our “Facebook” winners are:

1.) Kristy Ingalls

2.)April Damato

3.) Traci Stricklin

4.) Sarah McCray

5.) Aimee Tucker Jinright

I’m also throwing in one honorary winner: Erin Braxton

Erin, cares for a 74 year old Veteran whose family lives away. Her story touched me so I’m sending her and her fella loot too!

Thank you to all that played! Check back with me soon for more fun giveaways!

Winners please private message me on Facebook with your mailing address or you can leave a private message here on the blog in the “contact us” section. Please send your information before Friday.




Oh where, oh where has our Sweet P gone?

When we closed the restaurant, the burning question in everyone’s mind was …..where’s Sweet P, the pink cow?

sweet p kisses


We all know how she relished in her duties at the restaurant.


sweet p friends 1


She loved greeting people who had traveled from all over the country.





And she always made tons of  new girl friends.



Sweet P was some what bummed about her name sake restaurant closing. She even went into a mild depression.  To snap out of it , she handled it like most girls would….

She got a brand new look.

sweetp and pasture 6414 099

She washed that pink right out of her hair and went totally punk blonde. Picture Miley Cyruss plus a thousand pounds; give or take. Thank goodness I haven’t seen her twerk yet. That would be awkward.

She’s been turned out to pasture for the last five month’s and is still living the sweet life!


sweet p hunk 1


She’s traded this hunk in for..



sweetp and pasture 6414 167

……..this one!

sweetp and pasture 6414 009

She definitely has a room with a view

sweetp and pasture 6414 083

and the pool is always open.

sweetp and pasture 6414 154

She’s even made a new friend; meet Geraldine. Sweet P says Geraldine is a sweet girl with lots of things on her mind. Sugar junkie. Easy to get a long with and stands up for her friends. She aspires to be on the cover of next years Chick-fil-A Calendar. Sweet P is rooting for her!

sweetp and pasture 6414 108

As you can see, Sweet P is living it up.

sweetp and pasture 6414 141

But just between you and me, I think she’s gaining a little weight. Do you think she might be……………




I’m dishing up more than just food… stay tuned… ya’ hear!

Ya’ll , It’s Kadra here, the girl behind the original PINK COW, Sweet P.

SweetP_MG_3398+logoWe’ve turned the pink heifer out to pasture to roam but I’m here dishing up some of the same recipes that were once used in our restaurant, Sweet P’s Eats and Treats.

On this blog you will find recipes used in our bakery that were enjoyed by locals and travelers alike. Sugary deliciousness such as Cowboy Cookies, Cow Patties, Cinnamon Pancake Cupcakes plus a heaping more will all be shared here. (Featured in the Southern Living Cookbook “Off the Eaten Path, Second Helpings”, written by Morgan Murphy.)


I’ll also be sharing recipes for delicious fare like our Tomato Tarts, Chicken Salad and the ooooh so yummy Potato Salad that adorned or deli menu. Kick your boots off and pull up a seat at my kitchen table, stay a while………..ya’hear. I’m sharing all my kitchen secrets with you! Along the way I’ll sprinkle in a few tall tales and a dash of the adventures happening here on the ranch.

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Until we meet again,