Sweet Valentine

We’ve been preparing for Valentine’s Day around here. My little ones enjoy the festivities of Valentines because you know it’s all about the candy love, and candy sweetness shared with friends and family on that day, but mostly about the candy.

Yesterday, we celebrated the day of candy LOVE with their friends at school.  The children decorated shoe boxes in hopes that they would be filled to the brim with candy cards of sweet sentiments.  After ravaging opening each candy card with care it was apparent that they felt the sugar rush love and kindness they were expecting. It was also apparent that the day of candy LOVE brings out the worst sugar induced disposition best in every child’s heart. It pretty much makes me tired  warms my heart reflecting on the day

This year my little ones wanted to include our longhorn named Valentine on their cards.  Here are a few pictures I took while trying to catch the perfect pose.


Isn’t she grand?


She insisted this was her good side!


Her man made his presence known. You can tell her type; muscular, blonde with a little bit of curl. He’s a manly man but…….


he likes a woman that wears the horns in the family!


See what I mean, she insisted he keep his distance and get supper started.


She gave me the pageant pose…..

IMG_8015 and the selfie pose.


But this is her signature pose……the itch.


Of course there was the occasional photo bomb. There’s always some heifer trying to steal her spotlight!


Out of all the fun we had taking pictures we finally decided that this one was our favorite…….


no, this one……….


well, maybe this one was too………..

IMG_8992and this one!

Clearly we have a problem making decisions or maybe we were just moooo-ved by her splendor and couldn’t decide! Either way we want to wish you and yours a happy Valentine’s Day and we hope it’s filled with all the candy LOVE your little heart desires!